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4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Computer Easily.The Bottom Line
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4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Computer Easily.The Bottom Line

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Samsung download contacts to pc Click here to Download
                                                                                                        WebDec 10,  · How to import and export contacts on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Last Update date: Dec Importing and exporting contacts to and from your . WebThis is the perfect solution for Samsung backup contacts to PC. Now, follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to copy contacts from Samsung to PC. Step 1: Install and run . WebStep 1. Connect Samsung Galaxy to computer. Download the Windows or Mac version of the Samsung Contacts Backup - Android Assistant on your computer and install, launch . AdHow to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to PC? Read Our Review Now! Step-by-step Guide: Copy Contacts from Samsung Galaxy/Note to Computer.      

Samsung download contacts to pc.Part 2: Transfer Contacts from Samsung to PC without Software


On our Samsung Galaxy, contacts are the most important files. We always need to transfer them to a computer for backup in case of losing data. However, how to transfer contacts from Samsung to computer without hassle? You can follow the directory to learn how to use the best program - Samsung Messages Backup, the official software - Samsung Kies, the popular email - Gmail, and the old fashional way to transfer our contacts from Samsung to a Computer via a VCF file.

If you don't like to use any third-party software, please jump to Part 3 and Part 4. The best program - Samsung Messages Backup is a professional and comprehensive program to transfer files between an Android device and your computer. With this program, you can easy to transfer all the contacts from a Samsung Galaxy to a computer and it can save you a lot of time.

Samsung Messages Backup has a Windows version and a Mac version. Please download the right version on your computer. Next, I will show you the Window version of the user guide, and the version of Mac does the same thing. After downloading and installing the program, use a USB cable to connect your Samsung to the computer. You need to enable USB debugging on your phone to make sure your Samsung phone will be detected by the program on the computer successfully.

Follow the prompts to make the program recognize your Galaxy. When your phone is detected by the program successfully, the interface on your computer will show like this below. Select the icon of "Contacts" on the list from the left side. Click on "All Contacts" and you can see all the detail will show on your right hand. Select all the contacts or part of them by ticking the box in front of the number.

Choose an address to save the contacts and you can find these contacts information in your target folder on your computer. As a Samsung mobile user, you may have heard of the application that named Samsung Kies , which is an official software designed for Samsung user to back up the data from Samsung device to a computer. You can also use this program to copy contacts from Samsung to your computer.

Here are the detail steps below. Download and launch the Samsung Kies on the computer, then use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to the computer. After the connection, the interface will show your Samsung device's storage memory.

The parameter information of your phone, including the phone model, system version and storage space size will be shown in the main interface.

If the connection is failed, you may need to enable USB debugging on your Samsung device. Secondly , click the "Contacts" tab on the left side to preview the whole contact list in the program. How to transfer contacts from Samsung to PC without software? You can try using Gmail to back up Samsung contacts to PC.

What you need to do is syncing your Samsung phone contacts with your Gmail account firstly, and then download them on your computer. The detailed steps are as following:. Please noted that if you haven't a Gmail account before, you can tap the "Create" button to add a new one than type the existing Gmail info. Learn how to add a Google account on Android device. Want to transfer contacts from Samsung to PC with broken screen? Samsung users should know that Samsung has launched its own mobile data management tool Samsung Kies.

You can use it to easily manage your Samsung mobile phone data. You can export data from your phone to your PC and import it from your PC to your phone. This means that when your Samsung phone is accidentally lost or data is accidentally damaged, if you have backed up your phone with Kies before, you can easily restore your contacts and other data from your PC to your Samsung device.

Download, install and launch Samsung Kies on your computer. Select "Data Backup" option in this section and choose the data categories you want to backup. Here you should tick off the "Contacts" category and then click the "Backup" option to download phone numbers from Samsung to computer.

You can find many apps in the Google Play store to help you transfer contacts from your Samsung phone to your computer. It transfers all contacts from your smartphone to your PC and restores them to your phone when you need them.

However, it should be noted that the security of these third-party applications is insufficient. If you are concerned about the theft of your mobile phone data, it is best to choose the desktop software mentioned in the first method - Assistant for Android.

To prevent accidental loss of contacts you have saved on your Samsung phone, it's always a good idea to save contacts from Samsung phone to computer. As long as you have backup contacts, you can always choose to restore them to your phone.


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