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Download peter jacksons king kong pc game full version.Download Peter Jackson’s King Kong Free Full PC Game
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Download peter jacksons king kong pc game full version.Download Peter Jackson’s King Kong Free Full PC Game

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Download peter jacksons king kong pc game full version Click here to Download

In the hands of Ancel, however, it's slightly different. Your aim is not to kill, but to delay - you have no hope of killing what's after you and it wouldn't fit in the game narrative either but shhh! You can start off with machine gun fire, you can turn to Jack Black on the raft behind you to demand a spear to lob at your pursuers, you can set the spear on fire and ignite nearby patches of long grass or you can blast creatures out of the sky, which causes Rex and friend to pause for a moment and chow down on Batfink.

You don't have time to do them all and if you're not hasty, then you or one of your companions become brunch - it's linear then, linear as hell, but with Ancel's narrative and gameplay-orientated brainwaves coupled with the cinematic edge of the scene, then it neatly slips past my pessimistic side's radar. Seeking to further assuage my panic, Ancel pats down his ruffled shirt and points out that there's another edge to his sword: Whenever you die we'll modify the game and exactly what creatures attacked you," he explains.

In other games, when you die you get the same repeated sequence and you can learn how to do it. Here though, you can play through again without seeing the same creatures. And so now we come to Kong himself, cradling Ann in his arms and running through the jungle with mischief on his mind. What's more, as the game progresses it's evident that, in a fairly extreme example of the Stockholm syndrome, she slowly warms to her hairy monolithic captor.

Kong's controls are remarkably simple and his fights beautifully choreographed. My hands-on saw me take on two T-Rexes and what was on-screen was quite delightful: throwing batfinks into their mouths, watching them instinctively catch it and smacking them in the chops, climbing up massive ruins and delivenng WWE-style power-'bombs.

He's fun to control and better to watch, as he leaps with apparent Prince Of Persia-stylings from wall to wall, tree to tree and from pulverised monster to pulverised monster.

I've just had a kick in the ribs though, and so have to provide a caveat. From what I've played, I have to report that the Kong sections are nowhere near as well suited to PC as they are to console - not by a long way. Please bear in mind that, obviously, I was playing incomplete code and Kong's earliest and therefore simplest and easiest appearance in the game. But despite the apparent style and finesse in Kong's fighting, climbing and leaping, all I was doing at the other end of the bargain was providing an entirely unsubtle episode in button-mashing.

At the end of the day, whatever the Ancel pedigree, this is a game being released on many platforms and I can only hope that the same finesse seen in the FPS sections is brought to the Kong sections. PC game-players can expect to have the most detailed and beautiful version of the game competing against the version on the much-heralded Xbox , with all manner of hi-tech lighting effects, normal mapping and infinitely more polygons than in the last-gen offerings.

However, whether Kong gameplay will suit the platform remains a case of wait and see. I, however, still have heavy dibs on the fact that it will by the time of release. Another bonus is that, because of lowly GameCube releases and the like. King Kong will be able to run satisfactonly on most games PCs - the graphics will look worse, but old and new graphics cards alike will be able to run the game without too much jittery-pokery.

Don't let this word of warning get you down though: King Kong will without doubt be as big as its namesake and far, far cleverer. After just playing for a few minutes I came across an unscripted moment when a raptor grabbed my leg. He's got my leg! It's not just that though: King Kong is taking the traditional FPS and doing loads of interesting things with it -turning it into a more cinematic whole -an 'event' game, in which the pursuit of reeling in the player leads to clever stuff like Skull Island's food chain and some blindingly obvious, yet previously unseen stuff as simple as the need to hold your nfle above your head when you wade through rivers.

With the team promising some extremely nice stuff" appearing after Kong's debut on the New York social scene at the close of the game, a stream of production notes and designs appearing from the WETA workshops on a weekly basis and remarkably frequent meetings with Jackson himself, King Kong is the rarest of beasts. It's a movie game being made by people who don't wear suits, who care about narrative and gameplay and who certainly don't bother using an iron on their shirts.

It's a game that has direct interaction with the very highest ranks of the movie's production. It's a game with ideas at its heart that are big enough to hide the cash register that lurk behind it.

It's a good game too. All this and there's an absolutely gigantic monkey that features quite heavily. Let's ponder on the demise of one of the giant bats that I humorously labelled as batfinks' - one that got munched by the T-Rexes to save Adrien Brody on his thrilling river ride.

Everything in the game, yourself very much included, has its own predators and prey. Giant bats and centipedes chow down on similarly over-sized dragonflies and frog-things, raptors and larger carnivores nab giant bats and giant millipedes, while T-Rexes eat everything in sight and Brontosauruses eat lots and lots of plants.

You'll be able to use this to your advantage by jabbing at pond-life and keeping them wriggling at the end of your ever-handy spear to use them as bait. One level I played featured an eminently rickety bridge Skull Island has lots of rickety bridges - you just can't get the tribal native workmen these days with a colony of giant batfinks hanging above it in characteristically upside-down fashion.

Now you could be boring, pick up the nearby sniper rifle and take pot-shots - or, if you're daring, adventurous and handsome like me, you can prong a forlornly buzzing dragonfly on the end of a pointy stick and lob the insecto-javelin into the chasm below. If you're also me, however, then you'll slip and die - and simply use the sniper rifle next time as its far less dangerous. After A Brief search on Google Earth, I've finally accepted that Skull Island doesn't exist and that giant apes and prehistoric lizards will forever be confined to movies, games and some of my stranger dreams.

And after playing Peter Jackson's King Kong, my disappointment with the non-existence of the isle is also met with some relief. Skull Island is a terrifying place - valleys dotted with ruins of ancient and forgotten civilisations, seemingly bottomless chasms spanned by rickety old rope bridges, and of course, the improbable abundance of supposedly extinct T-Rexes - and one absolutely massive monkey. I'm in the waterlogged safari suit of Jack Driscoll, trying to keep up with my expeditionary chums as we wander through a dull green valley bordered by sheer stone faces on either side.

The lack of any sort of on-sdteti information is as apparent as a missing front tooth, there's no ammo count or health readouts, no compass or map. It's a far more literal take on a first-person viewpoint, complemented by the sort of bobbing, stumbling and jerking movements you'd expect as you traverse the vine-smothered floors of an ancient ravine.

It's not an entirely innovative feature, but I struggle to think of a time I've felt as immediately drawn into in-game surroundings. The rain continues to pound the scenery as we exit the narrow valley and spy some of our comrades sprinting hastily across a bridge far above our heads.

They've seen some sort of monster, they inform us, but they don't know where it's gone now And like some connoisseur of dramatic and predictable timing the colossal figure of a T-Rex emerges from behind them, decimating the fragile bridge and tearing people to shreds in a scripted flurry of teeth and limbs.

Just like in the movies. There are a number of reasons why Kong's hairy arse won't sit comfortably in the FPS chair. Its sequences and set-pieces, the invisible interface, the cinematic presentation and the fact that there are entire sections in which you play as the exiymous King from a third-person perspective. These sections have you chasing Fay Wray or Naomi Watts at least , protecting her from danger, leaping about Skull Island with surprising acrobatic grace for such a big ape, and getting into bloody scraps with the local wildlife.

The combat controls are simple: left-click to swing Kong's tree trunk arms about, shattering the bones of anything they come into contact with, and right-click to grab - a move which opens a few more combat options such as throwing and slamming. For all its simplicity, the action on screen looks superbly choreographed and intense.

Punches connect with a stunning sense of force, and the animations give a feeling of weight and epic magnitude. However, the console leanings we noticed with our last playtest are unfortunately still very much present, with mindless button mashing and frantic clicks of the mouse being the key to coming out successful in. The Last Time I was planning major monkey coverage in PC, I was phoning a zoo asking if we could dress up one of their simian inmates in gangster clothing and pose alongside them with a copy of the magazine.

Interestingly, the clothing wasn't an issue for the lady monkeywrangler. It was more the fact that apparently, chimps can be unpredictably violent, with a tendency to bite your face off - obviously a disadvantage if you're the editor of Britain's best PC games rag.

Whicji brings us to King Kong - another aggressive ape, that again I imagine would be difficult to get into a sharp suit and force to smoke a cigar. Ubisoft's game is a film tie-in featuring Peter The Lord of the Rings ' Jackson's latest spectacular and stars one of Hollywood's most famous monster icons. The result is a short but extremely polished rollercoaster-ride of a game packed with genuine awe-inspiring moments of fear and wonder.

Set in the s, King Kong tells the story of film-maker Carl Denham played by Jack Black - all of the movie's actors voice characters in the game , searching for the mythical Skull Island to make the epic that will save his career. In the game, he's accompanied by the Venture ship's Captain Hayes, struggling actress Ann Darrow, young sailor Jimmy and New York screenwriter Jack Driscoll, who you play in first-person. Right from the opening sequence, when you're being lowered in a rickety rowing boat onto an angry ocean, King Kong plunges you into the action - the intensity of the seasickness-inducing dash for the shore is actually reminiscent of the Omaha Beach landing in WWII games such as Medal of Honor.

Your AI-controlled compadres join you at certain points in the adventure and really contribute to the atmosphere and immersion of the game, even helping out in scraps with the local prehistoric wildlife, shooting enemies with spears and firearms and dragging injured parties to safety. Each of the four characters has a distinct personality, ranging from Carl Denham's heartless wisecracks "We desperately need to find the others - they'll have three cans of film with them!

They also bicker between each other, shout and scream when they're in trouble and give you hints of how to solve puzzles and progress in the game. As always though, keep an eye out for their welfare, as a death results in a restart from the last save point.

Gameplay is straightforward and linear, guiding you through the dense jungle as you progress by finding wooden levers to insert into vertical wooden poles, then turned by you and a team-mate to open gates. Fire is a major element ahem too, and is used to clear harsh, spiky foliage from your path, as well as scare off or bum to death any carnivorous predators - of which there are a fair few lurking in the bushes and long grass of the island.

These include bitey insects, bitey giant bats and bitey dinosaurs, which are without doubt, the most impressive in-game prehistoric lizards yet seen in a videogame - they make Turok 's Io6k like household pets. The T-Rex has to be seen to be believed - a hulking meat-eating killer, wonderfully animated with salivadripping from its jaws and a terrifying roar that physically distorts everything in its vicinity.

Fortunately, Jack has access to various meaty weapons carried one at a time such as shotguns, rifles and Tomniy Guns that can be fired by holding down the spacebar and pressing the left mouse-button. Default left mousebutton only is for melee attacks, and for other stuff such as smashing through debris-blocked passageways. Extra weapons and ammo can be gathered from parcels dropped by Captain Englehorn, a character who pilots a sea-plane and flies into the action from time-to-time.

Obviously, however, the main attraction in King Kong is the 25ft giant ape himself, who yon control in third-person and view with a fixed cinematic-style camera. Kong is a massive lumbering animal, and yon really feel his huge weight and power when you're controllint him in the game, but the silky controls mean you're soon deftly leaping from branch to branch, clambering up walls and jumping Chasms like a hairy Prince of Persia.

Hie Kong sections of the game involve the growing relationship between the big fella and Ann, as he protects her from nasty natives, dinosaurs and other enemies by flattering them about the head and neck with his fists. You can use a combination of left and right mouse button presses to punch, grab and use tree trunks and other objects to hurl at distant foes, while the mouse wheel can be used to charge up Kong for rage attacks.

Yep, comliat is brutal - fur flies, limbs collide, claws rip into skin. The finishing moves are particularly excellent too - you can force open a lino's jaws until they snap, for example, liefore Kong roars loudly with approval. Despite their button-mashing simplicity, the kittles are always spectacular events that will stop anyone passing your PC monitor in their tracks with a winceinducing display of animalistic violence.

However, there's beauty in the beast -the way that Kong can gently pick up Ann with his right hand and place her down safely away from trouble is very touching and reminiscent of the non-verbal relationship between the laoy and girl in classic PlayStation 2 adventure Ico. Ann also learns through the adventure in the jungle into the urban sprawl ot NY to care about Kong's welfare, and will throw spears at his enemies and clear obstacles in his path.

It's obvious that I like this game - it has a big monkey in it for goodness sake - but is King Kong worth your Christmas cash? In cold analysis, you can criticise the fact that the shooter parts are somewhat unsophisticated compared to a dedicated FPS such as F. Plus, the fixed camera in the Kong sections sometimes manoeuvres into an awkward position.

There arc moments of dumb Al with dinosaurs running on the spot too, and you can die from simply walking into sharp jungle shrubbery if you're not careful. Most importantly, King Kong is a game you can rattle through in no time - there's nothing here to challenge you if you found Far Cry "a bit easy".

This is a console game at heart, and one to play sat on the couch in front of the TV in the afternoon, rattier than hunched over a keyboard and monitor at 4am. However, even though we're yet to see Peter Jackson's King Kong movie and can't say whether the game closely follows the film or not , Ubisoft has already delivered a cracking action-adventure packed with jaw-dropping and jaw-breaking set pieces, such as a truly frightening T-Rex attack on a rope-bridge and a brontosaurus stampede.

Even though some of the textures aren't great - up close they can look rather blocky - there are still some beautiful jungle and city scenes with atmospheric lighting, cool particle effects and superb character and creature animation, as you'd expect from a development team with unfettered access to the might of Weta's special effects and art direction departments.

Kong is the ultimate anti-hero, and now you can play as him, you'll empathise with his tragic predicament oven more. If only they'd thought to slap a wig and roller-skates on the big monkey fella, we could've been looking at a classic We ran a full review of King Kong's PS2 and XB outings in last month's issue, and after playing through this next-gen version, we can say that it's the same great game, just slightly prettier.

The screen is dark on some TVs and it totally changes the experience. Kong, Kong! I think that filmmakers responsible for the original King Kong would've been floored that not only was their film being remade by one of this era's greatest directors, but that it'd also accomplished one of the most difficult o all things. King Kong has been made into a good video game, something nigh-unheard of for a franchise game.

Joining few other titles, this is a franchise title that isn't just fantastic, it's a movie with video game legs. Light in some parts, and generally sparse in ways you wouldn't expect, this game survives on the strength of its narrative feel, and the sheer beauty of the visuals of this game. Set almost entirely on the fearsome Skull Island from the motion picture, King Kong is a game of survival, both as human and as beast.

The interesting part of this game isn't so much that you'll play through an interesting FPS, but rather that you're walking through a story that parallels the film in a way that makes the game enjoyable. There's actually very little narrative in the game, not a whole lot happens in terms of story; when the game plays through each scripted scene, it is stunningly entertaining.

And in addition, getting the chance to play Kong is perhaps the most fun I've had in a very long time. The Siguature Edition all Ok. All Ok. Verdi 0 point. The game starts fine, but i keep getting very bad visual glitches right from the main menu. When i started the game pretty much all textures were messed up or invisible, making the game visually unplayable. Fix please, i need it.

Gerardo Sena -1 point. When I click install a window pops up and tells me that there's no installation files Please help. Healwsteel 0 point. Has the file bern changed? I get about 3 of the 5gb then it stalls out "waiting for network". Tried a number of times. No problems with any other games on the site. RodionRaskoljnikov 6 points.

I just finished the game and I had all the same problems like Iffy and Genji, but there is a simple solution. The game breaks if it runs higher than 60 FPS, so you will have to limit the framerate. I have used a program called RivaTuner Statistics Server. Other solution is using Thirteen AG widescreen fix for King Kong and using that to limit the framerate.

Genji 1 point. Iffy 1 point. Iffy -3 points. It plays like hot garbage. Without a jump key I cannot proceed past The Wall level. Mackaty 10 points. You guys should really specify in the title that this is the drm free edition of the game given how horrible the Starforce drm in the original version is. RodionRaskoljnikov 10 points. Gamer's Edition is a port of the Xbox version which had higher quality textures, pixel-shader 3. The regular version was never properly cracked, so it can not be played on modern Windows, while Gamer's Edition was released DRM free and still works.

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